Campaign Assets

Campaign Assets

Fueling the push toward your goal

When developing your campaign, Sparkable can deliver the materials required along every step of the journey to help you reach your destination. The assets required for success depend on a varying circumstances and can include any item that may effect how your audience perceives your brand. A campaign site is one example of a campaign asset, but these marketing materials can be created to serve any purpose. We can develop video, marketing collateral, dynamic advertising opportunities across print, digital, audio, video and digital platforms that are necessary to drive your message home.

To compel your audience to act

Campaign Assets are just one tool that drives your audience to support your mission. Sparkable incorporates your brand into assets that support your campaign in a way that is sensible, creative and compelling. We work with brands to develop collateral that achieves goals in the most cost-effective way so you obtain the greatest return on investment. Sparkable can create any Campaign Assets across the marketing spectrum from print to audio and video. We take a holistic approach to marketing to see how these channels can work in harmony to achieve the greatest possible value.

In harmony with your brand identity

We use Campaign Assets to build relationships with your audience at precise touch points that achieve the greatest results. Print assets can include brochures, postcards, freestanding stands, outdoor media and magazines. Independent or in support of these traditional mediums, multimedia can be applied with campaign videos distributed on your digital footprint and allow your audience to interact with your content. Sparkable also builds mobile applications to achieve campaign goals in an accessible and innovative way that to represent a brand identity.