Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Reach consumers where they are

Where do you access the Internet the most? Now, ask yourself if you have you ever been to a website that clearly doesn’t operate on a smartphone or tablet? The buttons won't work and pinching and zooming doesn't allow you operate the site cleanly. That is why responsive design, or the ability for a website to be viewable across multiple platforms, is the latest concept that has the digital marketing industry buzzing. That’s great news to you because we recognized this trend when we first began Sparkable back in 2006 and invested in developing cross-platform capabilities.

On any mobile device, cell phone or tablet

Sparkable has developed processes that ensure your site can be accessed on mobile devices. Our mobile development begins with researching the best way for your users to interact with the site on any device. We work with you to define the goals and work toward them using a holistic plan. We will work with your organization to ensure all outbound communication has cross-platform compatibility across the web, mobile devices and tablet computers. We will ensure that your users can easily navigate your website no matter which device they are accessing it from without unnecessary panning, scrolling or zooming.

Broadcast through an interactive mobile application 

By allowing Sparkable to undertake your mobile development project, your company values and information will be translated in a way that anyone can access your website at anytime. This is important because consumers are immediately responding to calls to action where they see them. If there is a phone number, they want to click it to immediately begin the call on their device. If there is an email address, they need to be able to immediately contact that person without going through any additional effort. By shortening the selling process through effective mobile development you help drive customers to your digital doors.