Website Design

Website Design

Make the right first impression

An attractive, professional and navigable website design is a fundamental component of any business. Sparkable has a knowledgeable team of web designers that will capture the spirit of your brand and successfully grow the online presence of your brand. Our team builds websites that help our clients meet their goals and maintain their professionalism in an online venue. We will work with you to develop creative design concepts, layouts, site maps, wire frames and the best possible user experience. What good is a vehicle without a functioning engine? It may look nice but it will stay in one place. That is why having a functional website is critical to retaining visitors and defining the user experience.

On potential clients and investors

Frequently, your website will be your first impression on a client. Typically, you have about 15 seconds to identify your company as appealing and significant to a visitor. In addition, people often correlate their web experience with the quality of products and services offered on that site. DO NOT let a poor design or a confusing layout make a bad impression and drive away your business.  Sparkable will create an engaging experience that assists your company’s credibility, increases the brand loyalty of your customers, and raises their perceived value of your products or services. Our goal is to convert those browsers into buyers.

With our step by stop process

First, we will discuss your goals for the website and the accessibility from both the business and the end-user’s perspective. We will determine a means for execution for an overall user-friendly experience. If you currently have a site, we will diagnose what is working or not, what can be improved and what needs to be added. We analyze the most effective websites among your competition applying our research into a basic site design and architectural layout. This helps make the website tangible and easier to identify the important features your website should represent. Then, we begin producing the final product; programming the code and interactivity as it would appear on the Internet. The website will undergo a battery of testing, quality control and usability before going "live" on the World Wide Web for anyone to view the public areas. We will continue to maintain and refine the website based on your user feedback.