Brand Charter

Brand Charter

Research and chart a course

Your brand must be used accurately to be effective. A brand charter is an overall strategy that sets the course for a brand. This outline identifies the long-term goals of the brand and how it will interact with and overcome the challenges of its marketplace. Sparkable manages engagements including Brand Renovation, Brand Collateral, Brand Charters and Project Management use RADE, WHEEL, SCRUM and SHOT. The value of the brand charter lies in the collection of resources and the distribution of information it contains to key stakeholders. 

To allow your brand to grow 

Sparkable uses its research techniques to identify and inventory a brand through its artifacts and existing media imprint. We work with you to identify the core values of your brand to find its strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace. The identify of your brand includes everything that is used to convey your company mission including font, color, tagline placement and content standards. Through our process, we will identify the course that will lead to the greatest stakeholder engagement and a lasting proposition that your company will carry. 

In an expanding marketplace 

Branding is one of the most important aspects of your company and establishing a practical brand book will keep your message consistent across all mediums. Sparkable has experience in creating brand books that serve as a resource that ensures brands are used correctly in all forms of communication. A brand book is essential for mid-to-large wholesalers to professionally present product. Sparkable has design and cataloging expertise to ensure your clients receive the right information in a timely fashion. We will work with you to collect your brand identity, tone and style to use as a tool kit to keep all communication consistent.