Brand Management

Brand Management

The Sparkable approach to brand management is the most comprehensive way to organize your assets.

Our process begins with a brand inventory where we collect all of your existing assets and applications and we use that data to create a develop a brand exploration to unlock the potential of your mark to achieve the most desirable brand destination.

Brand Inventory

Sparkable knows how to breakdown the effectiveness and consistently of your brand to see the best and most valuable way to align your assets. Our process drives at the core of what a brand or company mark represents in the marketplace so it can achieve the greatest impact no matter the medium; from business cards to billboards. Through this process we take inventory of your existing brand, where it is applied and how, and we will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand. Through this inventory process, Sparkable keeps your company values at the forefront of our alignment strategy... continue reading about >brand inventory<

Brand Exploration

Having a consistent and coherent brand adds the likelihood your customers and employees will be loyal to your company. That's because your brand represents the personality and values of your company. Sparkable knows the path to explore your brand awareness, perception and confidence in the marketplace. This brand exploration clarifies the messaging you are trying to convey to your company by its campaign collateral, images and messages. Through the exploration process, we will refine this message so that it matches your customers in the places that are the most effective. Sparkable and your brand will go places, together... continue reading about >brand exploration<

Brand Destination

The journey into the hearts and minds of your ideal customer is not clearly marked. The most iconic brands never started out that way; it's a slow process that requires recording data and listening to feedback from your valued stakeholders. Sparkable knows how to deliver value through your brand so it has the greatest impact at each touchpoint with your audience. We create brands for companies and also renovate brands so they can be applied across a variety of media channels, from print to web; radio to video - Sparkable has the keys to consistency ingrained in its own branding... continue reading about >brand destination<