Brand Exploration

Brand Exploration?

A Mission to Discover your Brand Identity

Creating a truly memorable brand is about more than having an iconic logo. A great brand will stand out in a crowd and have a personality all its own. That personality should be clear at first glance and remain consistent across all forms of media. Your employees, designers, marketing team, and management should have clear consistent rules to follow for how to and how not to represent your brand. Let Sparkable help you to develop a brand charter for your new product or startup business and we will help you to become the next household name in your industry.

To Tell Your Story the Way it Should be Told

Many companies neglect to take the time to explore how their brand is perceived by the outside world, which leads to a lack of identity and affinity. Even a great ad, anchored by a poorly chosen logo or lackluster brand identity will often be ineffective at converting audience members into paying customers. It's been said a picture is worth a thousand words, but still many small business owners are willing to settle for a two hundred dollar logo that simply says "I was not well planned" A truly effective brand image should tell your brand story in an instant and stick in the minds of everyone who sees it.

To the People Who Need to Hear It

Sparkable will help you explore your brand’s image, current awareness, and it’s effect on consumers to develop brand loyalty. With industry leading research techniques we will uncover your ideal brand story, target customers and the channels by which to deliver your message. Combine our brand development services to with our agile interactive promotion to produce ads and brand collateral that drive customer engagement to make the most of every impression. As a holistic marketing firm, we work with you to craft your story, develop your brand image, and help you reach your target customers in the places they go for information.