Media Planning

Media Planning

Finding the Right Place and Time to Tell Your Story

A sound media plan begins with a clear understanding of the landscape, competition and desired outcomes. In collaboration with you and your team we will turn marketing requirements into attainable media objectives. Through our proprietary research techniques we have developed methods to compare the value of different media channels. We have extensive experience in purchasing, planning and creating campaigns for TV, print, outdoor, digital and interactive media channels.

To Reach Your Target Audience

Understanding your customer base is essential to proper media planning. Often times, businesses miss out on key opportunities by failing to diversify their messaging to meet different audience segments. Did you know that Play Doh was originally created to create wallpaper? Or that Viagra was being developed as a treatment for heart disease. Imagine the profits that would have been lost had the companies who created these products never found alternative markets to sell their goods.

With Targeted Messaging Tailored to Their Needs

This doesn't mean if you sell wrenches that we will encourage you to sell bottle openers, but we will help you to craft messages to specific groups of buyers who's values and needs are often different from one another. Sparkable can help you to understand the benefits of proper market segmentation and create a strategy to meet new customers in previously untapped markets to make the most of every advertising dollar. Get more bang for your buck with Sparkable.