Public Relations

Public Relations

Controlling your message to the public

Audiences, statistically and in practice, are much more likely to be engaged with your brand when exposed to unpaid media, such as a news story, than through traditional display advertising. Sparkable cultivates relationships with local media to discover the best channels to distribute your message to the public. Our team will work with your company to discover the ideal method to communicate your message. Enhance your advertising campaign with press coverage, interviews, editorials and local event calendar listings to keep your products or services firmly in the public eye.

Is essential for maintaining top of mind awareness.

To ensure that your core values and processes are disseminated efficiently and effectively Sparkable will reach out to available, relevant media outlets to reach your target customers in trustworthy mediums. We will utilize our network of local connections to secure press coverage in the most effective and efficient ways possible. Get back when you give back with local community sponsorships, charitable donations and non-profit partnerships. Show your customers that you care and they will pay you back with interest in the form of patronage and word of mouth advertising.

To share your brand story with the world

We will help you to discover opportunities to position your brand in your community to ensure optimum press coverage in the places that matter most. Sparkable can provide the guidance you need to transform your employees into dedicated brand ambassadors that connect with your customers and convey a brand message that is both concise and consistent. We have extensive experience in coordinating with media outlets both online and offline to ensure maximum coverage for your brand in all available channels so that you can tell your story the way you want it to be told.