Strategic Engagement

Strategic Engagement

When your organization requires more than built-to-order marketing fulfillment, Sparkable is capable of assisting with the development and implementation of strategic marketing objectives for organizations of all sizes.

Often times temporary strategic projects put added pressure on organizations by drawing resources away from core business activities. Sparkable can help cost-effectively manage resources required to accomplish temporary strategic marketing projects, to avoid the disruption of core business processes. Strategic Engagements are partnerships that put our core competencies to work so that you can stay focused on yours. Our team of dedicated individuals can assist your organization with the creation, communication and delivery of stakeholder value.

Enterprise Partnerships

When larger organizations need an Agency of Record or New Product Development Campaign Assets and Market Research it requires more than a fulfillment agency. Sparkable is qualified to work in harmony with your stakeholders to map out processes that Co-Create Value in ways that are greater than the sum of the parts. Enterprise Partnerships are unique in the sense that they can be anything from training existing marketing teams on SEO tactics to managing a New Product Development process. . . continue reading about >Enterprise Partnerships<

Small Business Development

Our unique team of highly talented individuals fulfills marketing investments of all sizes. Marketing for small businesses must be a measurable investment. Annual Marketing Plans, Creative Assets and Integrated Promotion activities need to generate enough revenue to justify the investment being made. In the same way many small businesses work with financial advisers to protect their financial investments, Sparkable can provide guidance to protect small business marketing investments. . . continue reading about >Small Business Development<

Nonprofit Initiatives

Since nonprofit organizations have specialized strategic objectives and formal processes for vendor management, we would like to assure nonprofit and NGO decision makers that the Sparkable team is familiar with the nonprofit landscape and is capable of providing the support required to achieve your goals. Whether your team is looking to begin a new Grant Initiative or starting a new Community Outreach program, Sparkable will be able to add value to your Nonprofit Initiative. . . continue reading about >Nonprofit Initiatives<