New Product Development

New Product Development

Researching the landscape

So, you have a new product to bring to market. And, your aim is to understand what your competition is doing so you can do it better. Maybe their service is poor or their product has some flaws. Alternatively, maybe you’ve figured out a way to do things better, smarter, more cost-effectively. Regardless, New Product Development begins with strategic market research and must be an integral, ongoing part of your business’ development. It’s crucial to analyze your market and target your cliental before you waste money on advertising that won’t get you the results you want.

Then charting a course

The complete process of bringing a new product to market is requires thorough research to identify the best opportunity launch in coordination with adequate support to ensure its growth. In order to market a new product, which can be either a physical good or an intangible service, Sparkable develops an understanding of the ideal customer and the competitive environment in which will chart a course for your explosive launch and controlled and sustained growth. There are many challenges to overcome through this process but best practices at Sparkable will give your new product the best chance of success. 

For successful new product development 

Sparkable knows know to create a multi-layered approach to unveiling your latest innovation no matter how large or small. We offer our clients unique solutions to new product development through TAKE SHOT and ARM SHOT stakeholder oriented teamwork inspired by Stage-Gate and SCRUM modeling. This mechanism can be deployed for both physical and intangible products. From the point your company begins idea generation through product placement, Sparkable can provide your company with a proven set of tools to achieve your ultimate success.