Nonprofit Initiatives

Nonprofit Initiatives

Since nonprofit organizations have specialized strategic objectives and formal processes for vendor management, we would like to assure nonprofit and NGO decision makers that the Sparkable team is familiar with the nonprofit landscape.

Whether your team is looking to begin a new Grant Initiative or starting a new Community Outreach program, Sparkable will be able to add value to your Nonprofit Initiative. As a nonconventional company, we understand that the real goals of an organization are not always financial. We’ve worked with many nonprofits from the Buffalo Philharmonic to local worker unions, Sparkable is a resourceful ally.

Grant Initiatives

Sparkable uses its research and academically proven methodology to help nonprofit, government and non governmental organizations successful win grant applications. We take what can be a confusing and seemingly endless process of finding then applying for grant opportunities and provide guidance and structure it using our process management. Our attention to detail will ensure your application has all the necessary components to be successfully awarded a grant. We will work together with your organization to establish specifications for your objectives so we explore every possible funding source. Our goal is to discover every possible funding opportunity available for you... continue reading about >grant initiatives<

Community Outreach

Sparkable believes in engaging stakeholders in the community to achieve great results. This authentic and holistic approach to partnering with grassroots organizations and non profits allows us to translate goals into nurtured relationships with community partners. Sparkable works to create a presence in the community that includes outreach, partnerships and stakeholder engagement. Our outreach activities can include public relations, digital footprint expansion, online promotion offline promotion. Our aim is to generate the positive exposure that you need to help further your mission in a mobile way that reach people where they are and drives them to assist your overall goal... continue reading about >community outreach<


Sparkable will work with your organization to raise the funds you need to accomplish the objectives that further your mission. Fundraising is an essential component to the wellbeing of any nonprofit organization. We know exactly what it takes to fuel the goals and vision of your mission alive with the capital you depend upon. Sparkable has partnered with nonprofit organization to assist with fundraising through a multitude of platforms and campaigns that are cost effective and engage community partners who will continue to support and further your mission. That's because we know its not just about achieving a fundraising goal but creating a sustainable model... continue reading about >fundraising<