Energize your nonprofit campaign

It’s not easy to raise funds efficiently and nonprofits must find a balance between of event costs and profits to ensure you achieve the most return on investment. Sparkable has the knowledge and experience to aid your fundraising goals and enhance your overall nonprofit mission. Our company will conduct market research, analyze data and forecast primary sources of monetary contributions that will help further your goals. We will craft a strategy that allocates your resources in the most efficient and appropriate areas to achieve that target through an effective fundraising campaign.

By reaching out to your community

We will identify community partners that share your ideals and can provide resources to support your campaign. Building relationships with community groups and securing media coverage of your event will ultimately provide an organic boost that can advance your mission toward its goal. Through the integration of public relations, press,  social media, online and offline promotion we will reach out to potential supporters in your neighborhood and across the nation. Plug into the Sparkable network to expand the reach of your promotional campaigns or let us organize a unique event that will help define your mission in the public eye and bring in like minded supporters from around the world.

and telling them your unique story

A carefully crafted message combined with precisely designed logos, signage, websites and other brand collateral is a winning formula used by successful non-profits worldwide. Let us help craft your message from the start or give new life to a worthy cause that is suffering from a lack of public support.  Bring your organization into the digital age, or put boots on the ground with a full service in-house team of designers, media buyers, storytellers and internet ninjas at your disposal there is no limit to what you can accomplish. Since its inception Sparkable has been committed to non-profit development and community development. With that in mind, we offer special discounted pricing for our non-profit partners and their avid supporters, contact us to learn more.