Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

The Sparkable Berlin Story

After founding Sparkable with Dean Bourque in Buffalo in 2006, Clark Banach moved to Berlin, Germany to teach at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

Sparkable's team of passionate professionals exceed expectations of a traditional marketing, advertising or website design firm. We are proud to offer our clients with assistance with any service on the marketing funnel including:


Sparkable will define your goals and provide solutions through our extensive knowledge of Berlin and our industry expertise. 


We will perform an analysis of your competitors in the Berlin marketplace then formulate a plan to target your ideal customer and have them choose you over your competitor. 


We develop strategic marketing plans that capture value and deliver a return on investment for companies in and around Berlin, Germany. 


Sparkable will tell your brand story using appropriate media channels including online and offline advertising in the Berlin and German markets. 


Sparkable creates not only visually pleasing designs but has done the market research to prove which tactics increase user engagement and if we don't - we will A/B test or research your message. 


Sparkable builds websites that are responsive and scaleable so as your business expands in the Berlin market, your website will grow with you. 

Search Engine Optimization

Sparkable understands the importance of a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy that includes onsite and offsite SEO as well as geographical keywords. 


Sparkable builds websites in and around Berlin to the highest standards and actively works to protect your online investment. 


Sparkable will work on your half to monitor the Berlin market to provide you the most accurate information. 

Support and Training

Sparkable believes in providing friendly customer service and will happily provide support and training for your Berlin-based organization. 


Sparkable will use its knowledge of strategic marketing in Berlin to provide innovative solutions to your business.