The Sparkable Story

Our Big Idea

Sparkable was founded in 2006 in Buffalo, New York. It began as a website design company and marketing firm offering affordable search engine optimization, search engine web marketing solutions, graphic design, corporate logo design, eCommerce, market research, advertising, and consulting. Today, Sparkable operates as a holistic marketing firm founded with the purpose of creating a system dedicated to providing project partners with a measurable return on investment. Sparkable uses a proprietary system of agile process management to stay ahead of the curve and constantly generate the latest information that can be leveraged on behalf of its clients.

Sparkable Philosophy

"Our goal at the end of the day is to make available the greatest analysis and results for driven businesses worldwide; while pursuing an environment that encourages a creative work atmosphere and love for the labor of our art." This vision statement has remained the driving force at Sparkable since its inception in 2006.


Sparkable is a holistic marketing firm that focuses on delivering return on investment to its clients while creating an atmosphere and culture where its team members can grow. Our goal is to deliver the best results while pursuing an environment that encourages a creative work atmosphere and love for the labor of our art.


Using Stake Holder Oriented Teamwork Agile Integrated Process Management, Sparkable brings value to the projects of its partners. We create value for a wide variety of unique organizations in various industries. We take great pride in our attention to detail and using research to create and deliver tangible goals.


Founded by Clark Banach and Dean Bourque in 2006 in Buffalo, New York, Sparkable prides itself on creating a culture that enriches the potential for great leaders to advance the company into uncharted territory. In 2014, Sparkable brought on longtime content writer Shaun Smith and Michael Wright to carry the torch.

Sparkable Hubs


Sparkable began developing websites with search engine optimization in 2006. Founded in Buffalo, New York, Sparkable is built on the philosophy that with a passionate team of professionals it can exceed the expectations of a typical marketing firm, consultant or designer.


After founding Sparkable in Buffalo, Clark Banach took his talents to the Berlin School of Economics and Law in Berlin, Germany. There, just as he did in America, Banach has has dedicated his life to the growth and development of the organization, as well as those who become a part of it.

Atlantic City

Founded by Ventnor, New Jersey natives Shaun Smith and Michael Wright, the Sparkable Atlantic City campus was founded in 2014 to help bring the city forward at a time when it needed a reenergized spirit. Sparkable Atlantic City is located in the Schultz-Hill Foundation Professional Arts Building.

Sparkable Remarkable Marketing

Create Value

Sparkable creates value using enterprise partnerships, small business development and nonprofit initiatives. The Sparkable team has the resources and energy to help cost-effectively manage your business resources and deliver the creation and communication of stakeholder value.

Communicate Value

Sparkable communicates value to its clients and their stakeholders using creative assets, interactive development and process engagement. We provide these services in conjunction with our creative and innovative thinking to allow communicate value through appealing designs  to specific target audiences.

Deliver Value

Sparkable delivers value using an interactive process that requires developing, pricing, placing, and promoting goods, ideas, or services in order to facilitate transactions between customers and sellers. Our marketing strategies are designed to help businesses and organizations create a vision to achieve tangible goals. 

Sparkable Innovation